Elevate Your Space With Ceramic Tile Flooring

Enjoy beautiful tile floors at your Harvey, Mandeville Louisiana property

Pierce Flooring, LLC installs residential and commercial ceramic tile flooring in Harvey, Mandeville LA. Installing tile in your home or office can create an upscale environment. Because ceramic tile is durable and low-maintenance, the beauty will last for decades. If you're ready to upgrade your living space with ceramic tile flooring, call 504-784-7400 today.

How does ceramic tile installation work?

How does ceramic tile installation work?

Ceramic tile installation isn't as daunting as it might seem. If you're worried we'll turn your home into a noisy, dusty construction site, relax. We install tile by:

  • Planning the tile layout: We'll measure and mock-up your tile floor to ensure a perfect fit and attractive arrangement.
  • Preparing the subfloor: We'll apply backboard to your existing subfloor to create a safe, durable tile floor.
  • Applying the mortar: We'll put down the mortar to bond the tile to the subfloor.
  • Placing the tile: When the mortar is still wet, we'll place the tile in the pre-arranged pattern.
  • Applying the grout: Finally, we'll apply the grout to secure the tile.

If you haven't already selected and purchased your tile, the contractors at Pierce Flooring will gladly pick it up and transport it for you. Schedule ceramic tile installation services today by calling Pierce Flooring in Harvey, Mandeville LA.